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Ric Flair has been through his share of fictional dust-ups, but he got an eyeful from his daughter’s boyfriend. That’ll happen when you can’t apply the figure four as quickly as you used to. Ashley Flair was still ready to take on all comers, though, even if that meant the police.

The drama started when legendary wrestler Ric Flair was bloodied up during a violent altercation with his 21-year-old daughter Ashley and a 22-year-old male in an apartment parking lot in Chapel Hill, NC, this according to ABC11.

Chapel Hill police were called to the scene, but when they tried to arrest Ashley, she allegedly kicked one of the officers. That’s when the popo gave Ashley the shocker.

Ashley was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. Ric refused to press charges. She’s due in court on October 6.

Can’t say I blame her. Whenever the police or ring officials attempt to get things in order in professional wrestling, they seem so easy to intimidate or dispatch. She’ll never make a respectable WWE Diva now. You know, unless she blows Vince McMahon.

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