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This was ruled a first down. Img via Get The Picture, via Deadspin, via your mom.

The media’s shameless infatuation with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow lives on for yet another week. Tebow actually had a nice game against the Razorbacks, and that’s fine, but the abject fawning over the senior Heisman Trophy winner is enough to make even Obama supporters blush.

We get it: he’s a “good kid” full of “leadership” and “refuses to let his team die.” Sure it’s not often that “a great athlete and a great person” “shows composure like this” over the course of a “grueling SEC schedule.” And sure, he’s “like a son” to Florida head coach Urban Meyer. A good, white, Jesus-loving son who’s always in bed by ten and never drinks milk straight from the carton. Vern Lundquist just came.

The worst thing of all is that one loss probably won’t be enough to knock Florida out of the national title discussion. And I don’t care about the “national title” so much as the “discussion.” I’d much rather talk about LaGarrette Blount’s disdain for whites or Jim Tressel’s inept punt-by-numbers playbook than Tebow. Jesus, anything but Tebow.

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