The UFL Sure Knows How To Party

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09.14.10 10 Comments

Pull on your Z. Cavaricci’s and slap on your, well, slap bracelets, because the United Football League has its up-and-coming finger directly on the pulse of football fan fever. Screw the NFL and their Dave Matthews Band playing with a huge New Orleans street jazz ensemble, and forget stupid old Green Day and their Meadowlands halftime show. No way, brah! The UFL is kicking off with the radical sounds of Sugar Ray. Unfortunately, Smash Mouth and the Nixons were unavailable due to not paying their phone bills.

Mark McGrath and Co. will play the halftime show of the season opener between the Las Vegas Locomotives and the Florida Tuskers this Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium. The Locos opened last season to a reported crowd of just under 15,000 people. The bad news is that local newspapers suggested it was closer to 5,000. The badder news is that the stadium holds 45,000. But the good news is that Sugar Ray is used to playing for crowds at bar mitzvahs.

Dance a little stranger and show me where you’ve been,

The “UFL Experience” will be a part of the Locos’ Fan Fest, interactive pregame entertainment that includes music and exhibitions outside of their stadium. There will be face painting and balloon artists for young fans, and local musicians such as Yellow Brick Road will perform.

The rock group Sugar Ray will also be the halftime show entertainment during the Locos’ home opener against the Florida Tuskers on Sept. 18. Sugar Ray is best known for their 1990s hits “When It’s Over” and “Every Morning.” They released a new album, “Music for Cougars,” last year.

I can’t be the only one who read that and thought, “At least there’s face painting.” I guess I’m just shocked that Sugar Ray is still releasing albums. Something tells me, though, that Jeff Garcia had a hand in setting this show up. Call it a hunch.

For added UFL fun, here’s a recent interview with Mark Cuban discussing his involvement with the UFL and how he’s looking forward to taking on the NFL. Look Mark, I like you and think you’re fun for sports, but let’s keep “When It’s Over” as an awful Sugar Ray song and not something that Roger Goodell is humming as he crushes the league.

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