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Percy Harvin is one of the newer Minnesota Vikings, but that didn’t stop anyone at the Pioneer Press for picking his views on life. His favorite book is The Cat In The Hat, which I’m sure was great for his senior thesis at UF.

If I could trade places for a day with anyone, it would be my old (Florida) teammate, Tim Tebow. Some of the stuff and some of the girls and things that were thrown at him. We saw all kind of actors and news reporters just kind of blatantly say, “Tebow, I want you.” And he turned them down. I’m looking at him, like, “Man, you are crazy.

Although that seems to fly in the face of this gem, uttered immediately beforehand:

The worst advice? My friends always said, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” That wasn’t always the case with women. Some of the shoes fit, but I shouldn’t have worn it. (Laughs.)

C’mon Percy, you’re either putting that shoe on or you’re not. And you weren’t complaining about Tebow’s style when he gave you that free circumcision. And at least give us some names, sucka. Although I know who my money’s on…Nick Lachey. If that guy was any bigger of a douche, he’d have vinegar in his bloodstream.

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