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I love rare feats in baseball — no-hitters, the cycle, triple plays, Manny Ramirez paying attention in left field, and so on.  Just think about it: of the tens of thousands of innings played in major league baseball every season, there are only handful of triple plays executed.  The unassisted triple play is among the rarest of these breeds: before yesterday, only 12 had been turned in the entirety of MLB history.  That's like one every 50 years or something.

So it's kind of cool that Rockies rookie Troy Tulowitzki pulled off the feat yesterday during the seventh inning of the Rockies' eleven-inning win over the Braves.

Kelly Johnson and Edgar Renteria singled for the Atlanta Braves in the seventh inning and were running on a 3-2 pitch when Tulowitzki caught Chipper Jones' line drive behind second base. The rookie stepped on the bag to double up Johnson and then tagged Renteria for the third out.  Apparently unsure if he had completed the play properly, Tulowitzki went back and touched second base again, then threw to first.

I like that killer instinct.  Sure, one in the chest and one in the head gets the job done, but sometimes you want to fire a couple extra rounds into the corpse to see the dead flesh jump.  Oh, so now I'm the sick one, huh?  Fine, just remember that Troy's the one who tagged bases unnecessarily.

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