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The Chicago Bears signed Rex Grossman to a one-year contract Saturday because . . . well, the only reason I can come up with is that they want me to die from a lacerated ulcer. The leader of the Bears' vaunted brain-trust said:

“We wanted him because we feel like he gives us the best opportunity to be the best team we can be going into this next season,” general manager Jerry Angelo said . . . “With one-year deals you’re not solving anything,” Angelo said. “You’re still in the hunt, so to speak. We certainly feel good about the people who are contending at the position, but it’s not solved yet.”

I assume Lovie Smith drawled "Good idea Boss!", before he made the case that the Monsters of the Midway signed Grossman so that wide receiver Bernard Berrian would re-sign with the team:

“We’re using everything we possibly can,” Smith said. “Bernard has been a big part of what we’ve done. He’s come up through the ranks with us. We’d like to see him finish it at our place. Hopefully, signing guys like Rex will help.”

Yes, sexy Rexy can certainly bomb the ball deep to speed merchants. But just because Berrian deals in speed, doesn't mean he smokes crack. Run Bernard, run! -KD  

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