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One could summarize the competing mindsets regarding Michael Vick’s return to the NFL as pitting “Second Chance” versus “Think Of The Children.” And while I’m glad that the Philadelphia Eagles decided to act like a professional football team, I’m stunned to see Vick sign a 1-year deal for $1.6 million, with a $5 million team option for 2010. That’s roughly $1 million over the veteran’s league minimum. Second chances, apparently, can be lucrative.

The move, despite the extra Wildcat potential Vick clearly brings to the Eagles, seems rooted in benevolence. McNabb says he “practically lobbied [vid at bottom]” the Eagles brass to bring Vick in, while Eagles coach Andy Reid spoke of his desire to help revitalize the life of one of the League’s lost souls:

“This is America. We do make mistakes,” Reid said. “This situation is a chance to prove he’s doing the right things.” via.

Look, I hate getting worked up about this whole dogfighting thing, but I can’t downplay either, at least not as well as Reid, who basically compared operating a dogfighting ring to locking one’s keys in the car. That said, this couldn’t have played out any better. Philadelphia fans won’t care about Vick’s past (and that’s what it is) as long as he helps the team. I won’t care about his past because I’m a selfish NFL fan: I want to see him play and get booed or cheered and see if he can rebuild his life. Vick’s already scrambled away from Think Of The Children. Now here comes the hard part…

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