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Tito Ortiz succumbed to Chuck Liddell on a TKO in the third round of the UFC Light Heavyweight title bout on Saturday night. Apparently Liddell got Ortiz on the mat late in the third round and savagely beat his face until the referee stopped the fight. Pretty sweet.

After a quick stop by the doctor's office for some stitches, Ortiz was ready to party:

Twenty stitches around an eye didn't stop Tito Ortiz from making the club scene with galpal-porn star Jenna Jameson on Saturday. They showed up at Jet (Mirage), where Kid Rock greeted Ortiz with words of admiration.

Talk about a roller coaster of a night. Bad: get your face opened up for twenty stitches by the toughest man alive. Good: go out with porn star girlfriend. Bad: Kid Rock talks to you. Good: Leave party to have sex with porn star girlfriend.

Eh, I'll take it. Kid Rock was probably just asking what it was like to actually be a badass instead of just pretending to be one in crappy songs. I could probably tolerate that. And chicks dig scars. So… I think I'll take this opportunity call Chuck Liddell a bitch in this public forum (cc: Scarlett Johansson).

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