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In case you'd forgotten, Tom Brady is taller, richer, more famous, and better-looking than you.  Oh, and he's still dating Gisele Bundchen, who is still not pregnant.  Although I'm sure they're getting plenty of practice.

[Gisele] checked into her New England Patriot boytoy’s favorite Miami haunt, the Shore Club, then headed over to Karu & Y with her two sisters for the [Vogue] sunglass soiree. Once her work was done, the Brazilian bombshell and her posse hit the club Set for the “Rotten Apple” festivities… [T]he leggy Victoria’s Secret gal was having so much fun that she was dancing on tables. And if that wasn’t enough to finally put the baby stuff to bed, Gi was, according to the Miami Herald, sporting “head-to-toe, body-hugging black spandex pants and matching tank with no baby bump in sight.”

And, just for fun, here's Gisele with her two sisters (one of them is her twin) at the Vogue show, before the change into spandex.

Yup, table-dancing supermodels.  Another hard-hitting work of sports journalism under my belt.  Somebody notify the Pulitzer committee.  There's a Pulitzer for sexy, right?  Well, there fuckin' should be. 

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