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Raiders head coach and gentleman of the cloth (a large black cloth that somewhat resembles a polo shirt) Tom Cable will be questioned by police for an August 5th incident that led to Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson suffering a broken jaw. Nobody can seem to agree on whether Cable punched Hanson in the face, flipped him out of his chair, or simply tried to eat him. Assistant coaches are loaded with carbs, but guys like that don’t usually care.

Hanson has spoken to Napa police and has not been seen at Raiders camp since the incident. The case was initially closed and then reopened Friday when Hanson agreed to cooperate with authorities.

Meanwhile, Hanson has retained an attorney specializing in employment law, potentially signaling yet another lawsuit for team owner Al Davis, who’s already locked in a legal battle with former Oakland coach Lane Kiffin. via.

Hanson supposedly mouthed off to defensive coordinator John Marshall, which was the issue to which Cable took exception. It’s also worth noting that Hanson is the same little bastard that gave Lane Kiffin all kinds of grief before Al Davis showed him the door. And honestly, I think the world would be a better place if more white people were violent in the workplace. It’s a wonderful thing when issues in the workplace sort out themselves. Why, just an hour ago, I gave myself a good pounding, and now I’m ready for a serious nap. Okay, bad example.

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