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Apparently Dane Michael Rasmussen now leads the world's most prestigious cycling event after winning the 8th stage by 2'47".  Rasmussen, one of the best climbers in the sport, secured the the coveted yellow jersey on the tour's second day in the Alps.  If he is deemed the best in the mountains during the course of the race, he receives a red polka-dot shirt — good for him!  Now, here's a crash from Stage 2:   

That soundtrack made it seem like there was a mystery afoot.  A crappy French mystery.  Anyway, there were no major crashes today, probably because they're not letting the riders dope as much as previous years.  I say let these guys inject themselves with whatever they want: steroids, extra hemoglobin, black rhinoceros penis.  Then they can compete against horses, motorcycles or even NASCAR.  But, if they keep restricting the supplements, we could be left with the sport displayed after the jump:

I would never watch that on TV . . . unless the only other thing on was golf. -KD

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