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Two University of Virginia football players made the police blotter over the weekend in a fairly tame, not-very-interesting sort of arrest typical of college students.

Junior offensive lineman Will Barker and redshirt freshman lineman Dave Roberts were picked up at Club 216 on Water Street at 3:45 Saturday morning.  Police say both men admitted to stealing beer from a cooler at the nightclub. Both face larceny charges. Roberts, who is 19 years old, is also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and with using a fake ID.

See?  Not exactly big news, right?  They were just hanging out with the boys at Club 216.  Just the boys.

Welcome to Club 216, Charlottesville, Virginia's only gay and lesbian bar and danceclub. Bringing you sounds from the past and present as well as thumping tracks from Europe's best! If you love to dance, meet hot, hunky men and fabulous women in a great gay-friendly atmosphere, then this is definitely the place you want to be!

Of course, being at a gay bar doesn't mean you're gay.  I mean, I've been to a gay bar, and you don't see anyone calling me gay.  Except everyone.  So maybe that's not the greatest example, but the point is that being at a gay dance club doesn't make you gay.  Unless homosexuality is contagious.  And I've heard that it is.

(thanks to Nathan for the tip) 

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