10.23.07 11 years ago 27 Comments

Star Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has turned down the opportunity to appear alongside such luminaries as ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Nelly Furtado, and Gene Simmons in the video for "Rock Star" by Nickelback.

"They wanted superstars from sport in the video too and as Ryan in the band supports Man U they approached Wayne to appear." Apparently Rooney turned it down as "he only listens to hip-hop and thought it would be bad for his street cred", according to the source.

I checked my 2007 edition of Street Cred for Dummies, and there isn't really something you can do where hanging out with Nickelback actually improves your street cred.  You could wear a dress and sing the soundtrack to Cats with Barbara Streisand, and hanging with Nickelback would still hurt your street cred.  Hell, you could play professional soccer and — oh.


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