03.15.08 10 years ago 5 Comments

Wisconsin ousted Michigan from the thrill-a-minute roller coaster that is the Big Ten tournament yesterday.  Final score: 51-34.  Those 34 points are the lowest total in Big Ten tourney history.  Ugh.

So it really is like 2girls1cup.  Fans sit down before the game and are like "All right, college hoops!"  And at tip-off they're like, "Yes, yes, good…"  Then the game gets underway, and it might as well be girls eating shit and vomiting on each other.

In other college hoops news, the SEC tourney is all sorts of fucked because a tornado with Sherman's attitude gave the Georgia Dome the what-for.  The Sporting Blog's Spencer Hall has several excellent first-hand reports from the scene, including this photo essay and a recap of events that includes the updated schedule.  Kentucky will play three games in 27 hours if they get to the title game, which would be totally insane if the players had classes or tests to take.

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