01.22.07 11 years ago 5 Comments

Well, it looks like Michael Vick is going to be exonerated for his little pot-water fiasco last week. Regardless, you know you done fucked up bad when "Saturday Night Live" is able to put its two minutes of funny material every week into making you look like a total clown. Amy Poehler (would you do her? Me: yes) and Seth Nofuture hit pretty much every dumb angle on the Vick incident. And there are a LOT of dumb angles. If Vick were a dumb shape, he'd be an infinigon. (thanks to KSK for the video.)

And, just because it's fun to kick people with $100M+ on their contracts when they're idiots and get away with something you or I totally couldn't get away with, here's a fun little cartoon courtesy handsome WL reader Todd Umbarger. Put away your magnifying glass. You just click on it to make it all big and stuff.

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