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NHL – Petr Sykora guaranteed he was going to score. It just would have been nice if it took him less than four and a half hours to do it. His goal midway through the third overtime extends the Stanley Cup Finals to Game 6 in the 'Burgh. I mean didn't they already play in effect an extra game last night. Can't this go straight to Game 7? And nothing helps an interminable game like the NBC announcers saying repeatedly through each overtime that "the next goal wins the game." Hey, thanks for that trenchant analysis, crotchpheasant. Maxime Talbot staved off elimination for the Pens with a tying goal with 34 seconds left and the Pittsburgh defense performed admirably with Sergei Gonchar sidelined through the first two overtimes. 

MLB – Chase Utley (And what a grand pursuit he must be) homers for the fifth straight game in the 5-4 Phillies win over the Reds, putting him at a league-leading total of 21 and one under his mark through all of last year. Oh yeah, he also made two stout defensive snags, but, hey, those aren't socking dingers, brah. Oh yeah, that bum Jay Bruce also homered, but lowered his average 14 points to .577. What a fraud…Manny Ramirez wishes he could play all his games in Camden Yards, probably because they have more Red Sox fans than anywhere else other than Boston or maybe the China. Also, he's homered there in three straight games, tallying career no. 502 last night in a 6-3 loss to the Orioles…Carlos Zambrano collects three hits to raise his average to .366. Oh yeah, he picks up his 8th win in a 7-6 Cubs win over the Padres. WE ONLY CELEBRATE OFFENSE!…Prince Fielder homers to lift the Brewers over the Diamondbacks and steals third to strike a blow for fatty rights.

French Open – Maria Sharapova makes an early exit. I bet it was still sexy though. 

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