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This Yankee fan chipped off a piece of the foul pole to take home with him, even though the imminent destruction of New York’s baseball stadia has led the Mets and Yankees to promise prosecution for any souvenir-hunting thieves.

Already this year, fans have been found stealing outfield bunting, Shea Stadium seats, even a Yankee Stadium toilet seat – an indication of possible trouble ahead…

The Yankees kick off their final home stand Friday, a 10-game stretch that ends with the final regular season game in the House That Ruth Built on Sept. 21, against the Orioles. They, [along with the Mets], plan a zero tolerance approach against thieves.

Whatever, I say take whatever you want.  Make it like the Berlin Wall.  Let the people tear it down.  It’s basically the same thing, except instead of dividing communist territory from democratic, Yankee Stadium was a barrier that kept the douchebags separated from the rest of the populace.

[Big League Stew]

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