11.04.08 9 years ago 9 Comments

From Deadspin: “This Rugby League matchup pitted the New Zealand Maori team and their pregame Haka vs. the Australian Dreamtime team and their Aboriginal War Dance.”

Couple things here.  First, note that the stands are very nearly empty — probably because Rugby League sucks dogballs compared to Union.  Second, the Haka dance is only badass when performed by the All Blacks, a high percentage of whom are of Maori descent, which gives the dance a feeling authenticity.  When you have to hire spear-toting islanders in makeup, it feels a little forced.

As for the Aussies’ aboriginal war dance, it’s one guy in a thong and a bunch of white guys grimacing.  I can really feel the native tradition.  The only thing that could possibly be dumber is a bunch of white kids in Illinois identifying with a white person in makeup doing a Native American dance.  What’s that?  Oh.

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