12.16.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

Oh man, am I heartbroken I missed Monday Night Football last night: a 30-10 Eagles blowout in which Philly threw two interceptions in the end zone and Ken Dorsey started for the Browns.  Ugh.  Since I didn’t watch it, I’ll have to take other people’s words for what happened, and from what I gather the only people on the field who were ready for primetime are pictured above. Here’s the recap from KSK:

Sweet interminable birth of Baby Jesus, that game went on forever. I mean, all the interceptions the Eagles threw in the endzone were kind of amusing, even if the air of inevitability of an Eagles win hung over the Link from even before the opening kickoff. And Ken Dorsey is a rousing one-man band of suck. Still, this thing couldn’t have been more plodding if it [were] a Bergman film.

The Browns, to their credit, scored their first touchdown in four games — a 4th quarter pick-6 after Kevin Kolb replaced Donovan McNabb.  Meanwhile, the Eagles’ third straight win keeps them in the hunt for a wild card spot.  They need to win out and hope that either Atlanta or Tampa Bay drops one of their final games in order to punch their ticket to the postseason.  Otherwise, Philly fans will have no way of blaming the team’s playoff failures on McNabb again.

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