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Saturday's New York Times included a feature on Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA and the iconic rap group's love of chess.  Maybe if some girl taught me the game then slept with me, I'd be into it, too.

RZA, 38, learned the game when he was 11, from a girl who, as he writes in ["The Wu-Tang Manual"], also took his virginity… Now they play chess almost every day, and RZA, holder of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation belt — a trophy he picked up last fall at a tournament in San Francisco that featured rappers and martial-arts experts — is turning his interest into a business. [note: WuChess website here]…

Marley Kaplan, chief executive of Chess-in-the-Schools, a nonprofit group that teaches chess in poorer New York City school districts, said that RZA’s involvement might encourage some children to play, but that she doubted it would make a big impact. “Most kids get interested in chess through schools and through family and friends,” she said. “We taught 20,000 kids this year and I bet if you surveyed them, none of them knows that he plays chess,” referring to RZA.

Wow, is that crown of thorns too heavy, Saint Marley?  "La la la, I've dedicated my life to a non-profit organization helping urban youths, I'm better than famous people."  Lighten up a little.  Have sex with a Republican or something.

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