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This is the kind of story the blogosphere lives for. Remember Todd Haley, the Dallas Cowboys receivers coach who was in the news for his ugly exchange with Terrell Owens? Well, he's suing McDonald's for $1.7 million, because he and his family found a rat in their salad last June.

According to the lawsuit, Christine Haley and [au pair Kathryn] Kelley had eaten part of the salad purchased June 5 at a McDonald's in Southlake before the rat was discovered. The women became violently ill and endured long-lasting physical injuries, the lawsuit said. Believed to be a juvenile roof rat, the rodent was about 6 inches long and was found on its back with its mouth opened.

What's the big deal here? I mean, the rat was dead, right? And it wasn't even fully grown. You just eat around it; the salad's still good.

I don't understand the $1.7 million. I'd deal with a rat in my salad for, oh, I'd say about three hundred bucks, cash. Like, every day. "I'll have the rat salad and whatever's in the cash register. Thanks." As you can see, with this kind of business acumen, it's obvious how I attained my lofty position in sports pseudo-media.

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