Your Daily Mastersgate Plane Update

04.09.10 9 years ago 8 Comments

The Cessna airplane that was flying the friendly skies over Augusta National yesterday with clever messages directed at Tiger Woods trailing behind it will not be hovering over the course today as it has been grounded by the FAA for some “needed repairs.”

Kathleen Bergen, an FAA spokeswoman, said today that two FAA flight safety inspectors had met with the plane’s pilot and found all of the proper authorizations were in place but that the plane had some minor mechanical issues that required it to be repaired before it could fly banners again. Bergen said the pilot was given two options: to either have the plane repaired at its current location or have it flown back to its home base for the repairs – a practice known as ferrying.

“The pilot did get the necessary ferry permit,” Bergen said, adding that with such a permit “You can only fly from point A to point B for repairs” to include necessary fuel stops. -The Augusta Chronicle.

If you were to ask me (which no one ever does), this entire matter reeks of textbook cronyism. It would certainly come as no surprise to me if the sinister cabal who operates behind the scenes at Augusta National had contacts within the Federal Aviation Administration. To bolster my claim, TMZ reports that the much “needed repairs” were due to “a worn-out tag on the seat belts.” Need any further evidence? It’s how these things work, people. Don’t be so naïve.

Either way, it’s a crying shame. Who knows what kind of witticisms the person who hired Air America Aerial Ads out of Genoa, Ohio would have come up with next? My guess would have been “Tiger Woods, Can You Read This? If Not, Please Call 1-800-LensCrafters To Schedule An Appointment With One Of Our Experienced Optometrists. The Health Of Your Eyes Is No Laughing Matter. Seriously. Once Again, That Number Is 1-800-LensCrafters. Call Us.”

I don’t know. That’s probably a bit too long. And spendy.

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