69 Seconds of Zombie Ownage

12.13.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

This is outstanding: a supercut of every zombie death from the first season of “The Walking Dead,” created by my new favorite person, Eric Linn (video below). It is 69 seconds of pure, unfiltered ZOMBIE OWNAGE. If there’s a downside to this video — and there isn’t — it’s that it only has the active zombie kills, which means we don’t get to enjoy the battered wife taking a pickax to her husband’s head (we do, thankfully, get the famous ax to the head).

Of course, nothing awesome can exist without a nerd nitpicking it, and in this case the jackhole is a YouTube commenter who says that the last zombie beheading isn’t technically a zombie death, because the brain has to be destroyed. GLAYVIN! Hey nerds, shut up. I’m trying to enjoy some decapitation over here.

[io9 via The Daily What]

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