How A Recently Departed ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Member Tried To Change The Midseason Premiere

02.18.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

Spoilers ahead.

Everyone who works on The Walking Dead seems to absolutely love it. In fact, in six seasons, I don’t think we’ve ever heard anyone complain publicly about working on the set. Why would they? They get to live in Atlanta, hang out with good people, and appear on the most popular show on television. That’s why when an actor gets word that his or her number is up, he or she occasionally tries to talk the producers into letting them stick around.

It doesn’t work very often, although famously Melissa McBride was able to convince The Walking Dead producers not to kill her off (they killed T-Dog, instead). That was the best decision the series ever made. Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Dale, also famously asked to be killed off out of respect to Frank Darabont, who had been fired from the show. But even he had a change of heart and tried to convince the writers not to kill him. Unfortunately for DeMunn, the change had already been scripted and budgeted.

A few months ago, when Deanna was killed off (and we’ve yet to see her zombified return, but I suspect we will), she also tried to talk showrunner Scott Gimple into letting her stay. She even offered him a couple of ideas on how to change the fate of her character.

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