‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Might Be Coming To A City Near You With A Top Secret Bus Tour

On Wednesday, FX released the latest in the seemingly never-ending American Horror Story: Cult teasers called “Maniacal Mystery Bus,” this time featuring a bunch of deranged, creepy looking clowns hanging out on a school bus set to Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony.” As far as teasers go, there was nothing tremendously impressive about it, and most people probably didn’t read that far into it.

Cut to Thursday however, and the interactive AHS Cult website has been unlocked with week four’s content, and… What’s this? Apparently the whole bus thing was a tease to what appears to be a nationwide tour. After clicking on the “unite” button I was informed that there would be some kind of event in which “AHS secrets will be revealed” at 7:00 p.m. in Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park on August 11, and ostensibly at other locations across the country.

(Update: Apparently Friday’s event will be held solely in Philadelphia, whereas at first I assumed, as a Philly resident, it was location-specific.)

The unlocked content likewise provided a couple of mysterious clues:

In case anyone can’t make those out:


A crumpet full of HOLES sits on top of a bed of endive.
Blood seeping through the holes in the pastry. In the endive, little sausage-shaped “things” are REVEALED to be severed fingers — pinkies to be exact.

[BLANK] recoils from the image… [BLANK] hyperventilates as she lurches back. Her hand grabbing the dome and covering the offending plate. She reaches for her glass of wine, but misses, KNOCKING it off the table.


A bloody tongue drops INTO FRAME, a silver rod pierced through the pink muscle. The image changes into [BLANK]. CAMERA PANS [BLANK] showing the demented face of [BLANK] holding [BLANK]’s phone.

An excerpt of the scripts, perhaps? Your guess is as good as mine. A third piece of unlocked content required a code to unlock, but it looks like we might get some more information later this week. (And as such, so much for your Friday plans.) On a related note — hope this goes better for Philadelphia than when Game of Thrones pulled a similar stunt!