Amy Poehler And Nick Offerman Are ‘Making It’ In The Trailer For Their Crafting Show

Since Parks and Recreation went off the air in 2015, leaving a Lil’ Sebastian-shaped hole in my heart (which is barely functioning after eating all those Paunch Burgers), Amy Poehler has starred in The House, won an Emmy, and told the NRA to “f*ck off,” while firewood aficionado Nick Offerman dropped by Brooklyn Nine-Nine and snagged a role in Amazon’s Good Omens. But he’s forever the Ron Swanson to her Leslie Knope, and together, they’re hosting…

[checks notes]

A crafting series called Making It?

Each week eight all-around makers, from all walks of life, will take on a series of projects with the hopes of impressing Poehler, Offerman, and our expert judges. Over the course of each episode, the contestants must tackle a different theme, hand-making items in different disciplines — the difficulty of which increases with every episode until a winner is crowned. (Via)

Based on the trailer above, Making It will be adorable and educational — Poehler told Entertainment Weekly, “At the very most, you will fall in love with our makers, get introduced to a world you may not know anything about, and even get inspired to make something at home. At the very least, you will learn what vellum is.” Contestants will be judged on a one to five sax-fart system.