Anna Faris Posed Nude In A Super Bowl Commercial For… Avocados?

We’re less than two weeks until Super Bowl LVII. The teams are set (go Chiefs), the halftime performer is booked, and the commercials are rolling in. For the eighth time, Avocados From Mexico, which Variety amusingly describes as “an entity created to promote the popular produce item,” ponied up the big bucks for an ad during the game. Last year, it was Andy Richter as Julius Caesar; this year, it’s naked Anna Faris as Eve in the Garden of Eden. I wonder which of the two will be more popular!

“When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong and these jelly-like bra things, I guess they’re just nipple covers, I thought to myself, all right, this is what my beautiful day is going to look like,” the actress told People. “I felt really proud that I’m kind of at this place in life where I could spend a lot of time feeling modest and insecure, or I just embrace it.” The House Bunny star was surrounded by “other minimally dressed young, very beautiful people,” so “I just thought, I’m just accepting this is just rad.”

A 30-second ad during Super Bowl LVII went for $7 million, plus however much the avocados cost. Probably another $7 million what with inflation these days. That’s why Faris is naked: there was no wardrobe budget.

The commercial hasn’t been released online yet, but you can watch a teaser here.

(Via People)