‘Arrested Development’ Creator Mitch Hurwitz Reflects On The Jeffrey Tambor Incident: ‘I Feel Bad’

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06.06.18 3 Comments


The new season of Arrested Development was preceded by some criticism over the accusations against Jeffrey Tambor and his treatment of co-star Jessica Walter during the filming for season five. While Tambor was let go from Transparent due to allegations of sexual misconduct, his behavior on the set of Arrested Development was different. And as most saw while reading a very awkward interview in the New York Times, it left quite a mark on Walter and caused some friction ahead of the show’s Netflix premiere.

Many of the cast, including David Cross and Jason Bateman, released statements following the NYT feature to apologize for how their comments were taken and show their support for Walter. Creator Mitch Hurwitz joined them in a recent interview with Deadline, recounting the incident and giving it a second look for the first time it went public. For him, it didn’t seem like anything significant at the time:

“I’m guilty of not realizing how deeply upsetting that was for Jessica,” Hurwitz admitted. “I heard about it and saw parts of it in the dailies, although the part I saw didn’t seem that—I don’t know—momentous. But fights and outbursts always start with things that are smaller…

“It was something minor, like he was doing a speech and Jessica wanted to redo something in her speech,” he explained. “She’s a perfectionist, which I have a horrible case of myself, and he’s sort of loose with it, finds his way back if he gets off course within the speech, for instance… And she was resetting and he got upset and was like, ‘Oh, come on! You always do this!’ He continued for a bit and she apologized. ‘I’m sorry, Jeffrey, I’m sorry.’ But he continued and then walked off—the set apparently, but he walked out of frame.”

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