Aww, Poor Snooki

10.14.10 7 years ago 32 Comments

Last night’s “South Park” provided a cathartic backlash to the prominent New Jersey stereotypes currently overpopulating our TVs. In the episode (titled “It’s a Jersey Thing”), New Jersey has taken over the Eastern half of the United States, and the only town that’s willing to fight back the spread of Guidos is South Park. Eventually, Randy calls on Al Qaeda to help vanquish the Guidos, but not before savaging “Jersey Shore,” “Real Housewives of Jersey” (they even recreated the table-flipping scene), and especially Snooki, who was depicted as a Gollum-like troll.

“South Park” generally works best when it paints in broad strokes; subtlety and nuance are for cartoons that are willing to substitute expediency for quality animation. In that regard, “Jersey Shore” made a perfect target for Trey Parker and Matt Stone: the “South Park” spoofs of the Guidos aren’t demonstrably different than how they’re presented on MTV and Bravo. Well, except Snooki. I think the animators went a little overboard with the ankle fat.

Short clip below; watch the whole episode here.

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