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“Where is Simon and Paula?  Why is there no Idol?”

Next Tuesday, President Obama will once again address the nation during primetime, bumping all programming on the four broadcast networks.  Noooo!!! But what about my full hour of “According to Jim”?

Even better, Obama will be bumping ratings juggernaut “American Idol.”  My God that’s awesome. Because honestly, no one deserves to be treated to an hour-long presidential press conference more than some jackass kids who just want to text their votes in for Adam Lambert.  But hey, at least the network executives are taking it in stride:

“At a time when we’re struggling not only financially but to build audiences, this doesn’t help on either front,” one network executive said. “These repeated interruptions — and the rumor of even more to come — really make it difficult to build audience flow and loyalty. We will all lose one or two million dollars for this.” […]

“I believe in the president and his policies, and as broadcasters we have a responsibility to provide the airtime,” said another network insider. “But these frequent primetime requests are wreaking serious havoc with our schedule and our advertisers. Ratings are down everywhere and the airtime is costing us all significant dollars when we can least afford it.”

Oh no!  Those poor TV networks!  Why, it’s almost like they’re not exempt from this moribund economy that’s affecting EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE COUNTRY.  “I’m sorry, sir, America’s fresh out of sympathy today.  Perhaps you can try again in 18-24 months.”

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