Twitter’s Got Jokes About The Newest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode, ‘The Spoils Of War’

This post contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 “The Spoils Of War”.

Game Of Thrones just unleashed the dragons to the delight of many (and to the possible end of one big character) in last night’s episode, “The Spoils Of War” (our review here). But the episode contained even more than a dragon-based answer to “How did Game Of Thrones season 7 break the record for most people set on fire?” There was also an anticipated reunion, a demonstration of Arya’s badassery, and more of Bran Stark being a big ol’ weirdo, among other things.

Bran continually provides fodder for jokes:

Sansa Stark had some revelations of her own:

We know how you feel, Sansa. Gatherings with our families are weird, too:

People also had some observations about Jon Snow:

While others wanted to see more episodes with their favorite side characters.

One person who could really use a boat right about now is Jaime Lannister, who brought a gotdamn pointy stick to a dragon fight. People made comparisons:

But most of the best jokes Twitter had to offer were about the exciting final ten minutes of the episode, which were filled with red-hot dragon death from above as Daenerys created her own Field of Fire.

And in GIF form:

Both Dany and her dragons got their due praise:

And a couple of tweets could serve as a summary of the series as a whole: