Bill Burr Would Like To Clear Up The ‘Misconception’ That He Hates ‘Star Wars’

When Bill Burr showed up in The Mandalorian as rogue outlaw Migs Mayfield, it started out as a gag because the comedian had made a lot of jokes dunking on Star Wars. Burr has repeatedly shared the story of how Jon Favreau asked him to be on the show while at a party, and that the comedian was initially reluctant because, again, he hasn’t been the kindest to Star Wars fans. But some nudging from his wife and Favreau sealed the deal, and Burr’s character ended up becoming one of the highlights of The Mandalorian. Not many people can hold up the only Baby Yoda-free episode of the series (so far).

However, while Burr ended up battling stormtroopers because of his jokes, he recently addressed the misconception that he hates Star Wars. The comedian set the record straight on Tom Segura’s Your Mom’s House podcast. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Burr explained that there was a misconception that he actually hated Star Wars, which he said was not the case. “I was just hating on it as a comic,” he told Segura. “You see 1,000 people excited about something, you’re going to make fun of it.”

In fact, after just one season of The Mandalorian, Burr had a newfound respect for Star Wars fans who have been nothing but nice to him even after he used to rip on them waiting in lines to see the movies.

“Well, I will tell you this, Star Wars fans are cool as shit,” Burr told Uproxx‘s Mike Ryan back in June 2020. “They’re very polite. They’re respectful.”

(Via Your Mom’s House)