‘Billy On The Street’ Is Coming Back! For The First Time In Three Years! With Paul Rudd!

We didn’t know how good we had it. From 2011-2017, we were treated to 54 episodes of Billy on the Street, the delightful Fuse-then-TruTV series where Billy Eichner asks questions to and/or screams at random New Yorkers, oftentimes with a celebrity guest like Amy Poehler, Julianne Moore, and Chris Pratt. There’s been random web-only videos since then, including one where he asks the important question of our time (“When will Emma Stone join Instagram?”), but none since 2019 with Mariah Carey.

Folks, Billy is coming back. For one video, at least.

To celebrate the release of his new comedy Bros, Eichner is dropping the first Billy on the Street in three years on Tuesday, September 20, with special guest Paul Rudd. This is not Rudd’s first time roaming the streets of Manhattan with Eichner, but it will (probably?) be his first appearance where the question isn’t: would you have sex with Paul Rudd? This is the Sexiest Man Alive we’re talking about. Of course you would.

Bros is the first major studio movie with an all-openly LGBTQ+ cast, including gay actors playing straight characters. “Look at all the things moviegoers believe — Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Transformers,” Eichner said earlier this year. “You don’t think a gay man can play straight but you believe in Chewbacca?”

Bros opens on September 30.