Bird Attacks Plague West Palm Beach

05.06.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

West Palm Beach, Florida is a bad place to be, man. In this eye-opening local news report, one intrepid reporter tackles the story other journalists were afraid to go near: the “crazy bird” near Chase Street and Trinity Place.

[Jeanine] Magaro said the bird followed her one day and kept flying into her while she was walking her dog, so she threw her coffee in the air and started running. “If I stopped, he would have been able to keep just bumping me in the head again,” she said.

Magaro said everyone knows of the crazy bird, bringing so much attention that a composite sketch of the flying attacker was made.

Until I get a good rip of the report, the video isn’t embeddable, but you can — nay, you MUST — watch it on YouTube (UPDATE: I got it. Watch it below). The composite sketch is probably the best part, but the extensive re-enactments by witnesses are almost as enjoyable. And yet, even though there are a dozen people who can confirm that a bird attacked them, the reporter concludes with “What we don’t know is what kind of bird it is.” Really? Like it’s so hard to get a guidebook of local birds and flip through it with people who’ve seen it? Don’t get me wrong, the composite sketch is really good for a six-year-old, but there might be a better way to identify the assailant.

(thanks to Nick for the tip)

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