The Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘Black Mirror’ Is Here To Do A Number On Our Fragile Brains

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Charlie Brooker has done a lovely job of causing brains in the U.K. and abroad to short circuit and flicker courtesy of his current critically acclaimed cult darling Black Mirror, and now there’s a new showcase of what’s to come from the anthology series.

A trailer for season three of Black Mirror has tumbled out for the world to see teasing more sharp satire, demented scenarios, and the ability to make you petrified of any technology that glows or can be plugged in. YEEEEEEHAW! Set to arrive on Netflix on October 21, we’re provided with glimpses of war, gaming and domestic bliss with the general promise that remarkably unsettling things are afoot. Oh, also Bryce Dallas Howard, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Mackenzie Davis are among the stars lending their talent on the screen. Mind you, if “whack-a-mole game that isn’t all it should be” didn’t hook you in during this trailer, there wasn’t much chance you were going to give this a shot anyway.

Elsewhere in Black Mirror funzos, it’s been revealed that the program is a go for a fourth season. Radio Times reports that executive producer Annabel Jones confirmed the news at a London Film Festival episode screening.

“When you’re ready to do the next series you do [it],” Jones said. “Thankfully Netflix loved the show, stepped in and commissioned six films. So that allows us to play out on a bigger canvas, and take more risks, explore worlds without destabilising the Black Mirror sensibility.

“It’s great. And we’ve got another season coming up too,” she added.

See! The nightmare factory will keep chugging along and give you new reasons to panic and chuck your mobile phone into a volcano. For now, season three is nearly here to fill that void in our lives.

(Via Radio Times)

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