Bob Odenkirk Described His Heart Attack As ‘A Doozy’ That Made Him Appreciate ‘Even The Bad Things’ In Life

Everyone remembers where they were when the news broke that America’s Sweetheart Bob Odenkirk had collapsed on the set of the final season of Better Call Saul in 2021. The actor later opened up about the heart attack, which delayed shooting for five weeks, and how grateful he was that his crew saved him that day. Now if only he gets that Emmy he deserves then we’ll be all set.

Odenkirk recently stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show to describe the attack as “a doozy” which is more something you would expect to hear after a math test, not a life-threatening situation. But after the heart attack, Odenkirk could see things from a new perspective.

“I’ve reflected a lot on that since then and it’s really influenced my life since then,” he explained. “I’ve just thought a lot about the time you need in your day — if you can get it — and in your life to enjoy and take in the people around you, the relationships you’re lucky to have, the good things in your life. Everything. Even the bad things.” As a reminder, Odenkirk has never done anything bad in his life, so maybe he was talking about something else. But the point still stands.

He added, “You need a little space in your life to feel that. You just aren’t experiencing life if you don’t find that space.” As for how he is experiencing life now, Odenkirk just released a children’s book with his daughter Erin. He’s just killing time until January.

(Via Decider)