Los Pollos Hermanos From ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Popping-Up In The Big Apple

AMC is really pulling out all the stops for Better Call Saul Season 3. There’s the marathons, the intriguing teases of returning characters, and the multiple real-life activations the network has put together to lure new viewers and old Breaking Bad fans to the show. The tale of a lawyer who just can’t help but break bad (again) over time is a critically acclaimed show but not quite the cultural force that its parent show was a few years back. So what better way to convince people to watch than setting up a fried chicken pop-up restaurant in the Big Apple itself?

According to Eater, a Los Pollos Hermanos will open for a few short days in New York just before Season 3 of Saul premieres on April 10th. The weekend before the premiere, April 8th and 9th, the fictitious fried chicken fast food place will be open in NYC at 243 Pearl St. between the hours of 11am-8pm on Saturday and 10am-8pm on Sunday. There’s no predicting how long the lines will be or what the menu is (although previous incarnations of the pop-up have included rancheros plates, breakfast tacos, burritos, burgers, and fries) but it’s always better to get to a location sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out! There will surely be lots of fans in the city who want a bite of Gus Fring’s delicious dishes.

(via Eater)