The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie May Bring Back Bryan Cranston, Jonathan Banks, Krysten Ritter, And More


It was supposed to be a Jesse Pinkman spin-off movie. But now the Breaking Bad film looks like it may be even more ambitious than Better Call Saul. According to a reported leaked cast list, the movie may (or may not) bring back not only Aaron Paul but also such vets as Jonathan Banks, Jesse Plemons, Krysten Ritter, and (drum roll) Bryan Cranston, who’s already expressed interest in doing it anyway.

News of the film broke last November, when it was deduced that a little movie set to be filmed in New Mexico, with the possibly fake title Greenbrier, was nothing less than a Breaking Bad motion picture. It was later confirmed that it would follow Paul’s Jesse after the events depicted in the deadly series finale.

According to a cast list acquired by Revenge of the Fans, then picked up by World of Reel, it appears the film may involve a lot of flashbacks. As fans of the show well know (and if you’re a Bad virgin, consider the rest of this paragraph a landmine of SPOILERS), all four aforementioned actors played characters — including Banks’ enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut, Ritter’s doomed love interest Jane Margolis, Plemons’ kid-killing Todd Alquist, and Cranston’s chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White — all perished, none of them nicely.

Also allegedly set to return: Oscar nominee Tess Harper, who played Jesse’s mom; Robert Forster, the Jackie Brown and Twin Peaks: The Return vet who appeared in one 2013 episode; Matt Jones, who played fumbling Pinkman posse member Badger; and Kevin Rankin, who essayed Kenny, a higher-up in the white supremacist gang.

Now, this is all currently unconfirmed. But if true, it suggests the Breaking Bad movie will be quite epic, and almost certainly about the past that will forever haunt Jesse, one of the few prominent characters to make it out alive.

You can also trust that Bad creator Vince Gilligan isn’t bringing a lot of the gang back for mere fan service. He’s always sworn, for instance, that Walter White would only swing by Better Call Saul for a very, very good reason. That means that, if true, he likely has a good reason to dig these characters up. Also of note: no Gus Fring, no Hank Schrader, no Saul Goodman, and no Skyler, Walt Jr. or Marie. Stay tuned for more details.

(Via Revenge of the Fans)