Bryan Cranston Gave A Confusing Answer About Whether He’s In The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie


There have been no official updates on the Breaking Bad movie, from Netflix, or AMC, or creator Vince Gilligan, for quite some time, other than Walt Jr. confirming he’s not in the film… Or is he? Probably not, but it’s hard to know who the heck is going to be the thing after comments made by Bryan Cranston before Sunday’s Tony Awards. (He won Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play for playing Howard Beale in Network alongside Tatiana Maslany.)

“Well, rigor mortis has a way of allowing that to happen,” Cranston told Entertainment Tonight when asked if Walter White might “pop up” in the movie. “It could be! Could be a flashback, or a flash forward. I’m still dead, Walter White, I don’t know what [could happen].” Let’s break this down: W.W. could appear in the movie, even though he’s dead, maybe in the past, maybe in the present, maybe in the future, maybe in a Weekend at Bernie’s scenario. I didn’t think I wanted a Breaking Bad movie, not when the final season was so good and Better Call Saul exists, but now that I’ve convinced myself it’s going to be Weekend at Breaking Bad’s, and the whole thing’s set in the FUTURE, I’m sold.

Cranston has previously said that although he hasn’t read the script, which is reportedly centered around Jesse Pinkman, he thinks “it’s a great story, and there’s a lot of people who felt that they wanted to see some kind of completion to these storylines that were left open, and this idea gets into those… at least a couple of the characters who were not completed, as far as their journey.”

The Breaking Bad movie comes out… eventually, while Better Call Saul returns for season five in 2020.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)