‘Breaking Bad’ Fans In Albuquerque Will Get A Real Los Pollos Hermanos For The Show’s Anniversary


Five seasons of debt, death and a sh*tload of meth-related problems can make a Breaking Bad obsessive hungry. Or at least extremely open to hanging out at a certain fictional fried chicken chain serving the greater Albuquerque area. After all, it’s less of a fuss than roof pizza.

Gus Fring’s infamous fast-food chain Los Pollos Hermanos is being brought to life by a pair of superfans celebrating the show’s 10-year anniversary with a very faithful recreation. (Aside from the crime, presumably.) There have been pop-up versions of the restaurant before, but this is a different animal.

KRQE reports that a Twisters Burgers and Burritos restaurant will be made over into Los Pollos Hermanos courtesy of super fans Edward Candelaria and Marq Smith who are footing the bill. The Twisters is being transformed to resemble how the faux fast-food chain looked during the filming of the series. From the sounds of things, everyone involved is going all out to make this a worthy recreation.

“We’re going to look like Los Pollos Hermanos. We’ll have the sign. All the cashiers will be wearing yellow shirts, the aprons and hats,” said general manager Reuben Zaragoza.

At present, Better Call Saul has resumed filming in Albuquerque. It’s not clear if the IRL take on Los Pollos Hermanos has the blessing (or simply the tolerance) of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul‘s brass, but the fans behind the tribute wouldn’t mind a drop-in.

Better Call Saul is in town filming so if any of the cast members want to show up, hey, we’ll buy you a burrito,” offered Edward Candelaria.

If a free burrito isn’t enticement enough for Bob Odenkirk or another vet to drop by, there’s also the tease of a cake and raffle taking place. Who could say no to cakes and raffles? It’s a much more fun brand of recreation than making Michael McKean’s electromagnetic hypersensitivity sanctuary, don’t you think?

(Via KRQE)