Cat Versus Dog Car Chase!

10.14.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Oh, Glowmos. I’ve got a special treat for you today. Embedded below is Holy F*ck’s new video for their song “Red Lights.” Yes: Holy F*ck is the name of an actual Canadian electronica band, and not a fictional pretentious band. I would make fun of their stupid name or weird music, but “Red Lights” features a cat band playing music while a dog driving a car chases a cat driving a car. That is a recipe for delicious Internet enjoyment.

Also, since a music video isn’t exactly TV-related, I’ve got a couple more on-topic clips below.

And now, the obligatory “actual TV stuff” part of the post:

This is Allison Williams (daughter of NBC anchor Brian) singing Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy” set to the “Mad Men” theme music (RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine”). It’s pretty good, but other sites are fawning over it like it’s the coolest thing ever made. Please. She doesn’t even take her dress off.

And here’s Conan O’Brien’s latest viral video, which I’m burying down here because I’m afraid people are going to get Conan exhaustion before his show even premieres. I really like the layered joke here (The car is filled with explosives! And gasoline! And fireworks! And popcorn kernels!), but I’m not enamored with the special effects. But whatever, he destroyed an old car, so suck on THAT, Jay Leno.

(first video via Gorilla vs. Bear)

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