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SITE NEWS: I gotta bounce early today to catch a flight. These other stories’ll have to get you through the remainder of the day.

Fe-lyin’ around, cat-chin’ some rays. Hey, it was either those puns or “look at these lazy pussies.” Anyway: the very best of cats chillin’. [Buzzfeed]

From Fox News to the Onion News Network. Suzanne Sena used the credibility gained as an anchor at Fox News to land a gig reading fake news. Video at the link. [Mediabistro]

Honest content warnings for HBO shows. The more ridiculous the show, the better the warnings. [College Humor]

Mother Nature’s Punch-Out. Animals fighting, boxing commentary, and the music to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. The pieces don’t exactly fit together perfectly, but I approve of the interspecies animal fighting. [Asylum]

And now, a special guest reaction from Jason Stackhouse (click for animated .GIF): will have a “Grey’s Anatomy” web series. [B&C]

Now THAT’S thorough. A monster list of 475 marathons and holiday-related programming from now through the end of the month. [TV Tango]

Five-dollar footlongs for everyone! NBC has announced the start date for the upcoming 19-episode season of “Chuck.” [Ausiello Files]

Death, taxes, and advertising. TiVo and Coors have struck a deal to show Coors banner ads to users who try to skip commercials on NFL broadcasts. At least my DVR is still safe. [Ad Age]

WTF, Al Roker? Check out Roker’s Sunday Night Football weather forecast. A little uninged, yes, but I like the enthusiasm. [Back Porch]

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