Dave Chappelle Uses ‘The Walking Dead’ To Bring A Slew Of Classic ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Characters To ‘SNL’

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11.13.16 7 Comments

It’s been years since Chappelle’s Show was on the air, but the characters remain popular with multiple generations of fans. The Walking Dead aired it’s big “Negan murder” episode only a few weeks ago, and while that was a less popular television moment the cultural pervasiveness still remains.

So inspired by The Walking Dead, Dave Chappelle brought a bunch of classic Chappelle’s Show characters to Saturday Night Live in a Negan-inspired skit. As could be expected, he pulled the combination of the two shows off beautifully. In the sketch, Chappelle gives his best Jeffrey Dean Morgan impression as Negan (complete with bubble gum rhyme), deciding on which of the people kneeling in front of him will be killed by a weaponized baseball bat. The first potential victim is none other than Tyrone Biggums, who argues his case by saying “With all due respect Mr. Negan, in my line of work when you’re on your knees they don’t give you bubblegum. They give you penis.”

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