‘Community’ Is Hitting The Streaming Marketplace, Which Might Mean Good News For A Movie

It’s nearly Halloween, which means the end of the year will be here shortly. Truly, there is nothing spookier than the passage of time. It’s not just any end of the year, though — it’s also the end of the decade, meaning we get a double dose of lists: the Best [X] of 2019 and the Best [X] of the 2010s. In anticipation of the latter, I’ve been watching clips from Community on YouTube, which I can’t recommend enough during your next lunch break. Remember the puppy parade? Good stuff (I miss Community). Full episodes of the beloved NBC-turned-Yahoo! Screen sitcom, about a ragtag group of misfits attending Greendale Community College, are also available on Hulu, but not for much longer.

Deadline reports that “Community is set to be the next long-running comedy to hit the [streaming video on demand] marketplace with Sony Pictures Television taking out the Dan Harmon-created show following mega streaming deals for shows such as Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and The Office.” Community probably won’t get a deal “in the billions of dollars,” like The Bazinga Theory did, but it’s still a valuable property.

Exclusive global rights to all six seasons, which initially ran on NBC from 2009, before moving to Yahoo! Screen, are available from May 2021 with both streaming and linear rights available… Sony will likely be hoping that the show, which consists of 110 episodes, can attract attention at a time when the rights to classic scripted comedies from the past couple of decades is at an all-time high.

It’s also, potentially, good news for the second half of the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie hashtag. Joel McHale joked that “all seven of them are written, and John Boyega will be starring as me,” but the cast does keep in touch, and Alison Brie is still hopeful.

If Breaking Bad can get a movie, why not Community?

(Via Deadline)