01.25.10 9 years ago 10 Comments

Now that the Internet has had time to digest Conan O’Brien’s final “Tonight Show” (you can watch it here or read my recap here), I figured we needed one more post to serve as a funereal pyre for the whole NBC mess. Like many of you, I was moved by Conan’s final speech, and I’m heartened by the knowledge that he’ll be back — likely in the fall — and that he used his final two weeks on the job to regain the acerbic looseness that landed him the gig in the first place.

Anyway, if you’re really hard-up for more Conan reading, there are a variety of takes available here, including some opinions that I disagree with and will therefore ignore. As for why I like Conan so damn much, Mister Peace probably summed it up best: “He is the late night talk show host that my generation grew up with… He always seemed more knowable and self-deprecating and willing to risk his image for GENUINELY funny material than anyone else…  He swapped self-superiority for spontaneity CONSTANTLY.” In layman’s terms, Conan’s got balls — something NBC learned too late.

Enjoy your millions, Coco. We’ll see you in September.

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