03.02.09 10 years ago 10 Comments

Last night’s episode of “Flight of the Conchords” had some pretty cool guest appearances, including Mary Lynn Rajskub of “24,” Patton Oswalt, and, um, Art Garfunkel?  (For more info, read the A.V. Club’s recap.)  But the highlights, as is often the case, were the songs: the surreal “Korean Karaoke” by Bret (above) and “Demon Woman” by Jemaine (below).

I have an admission that’s gonna draw fire from the hipsterati: I think the humor in “FOTC” is too dry to be really funny.  Wait!  Don’t flame me yet!   I willingly admit that it’s a good show, and I enjoy watching it.   But when I watch it I always find myself thinking, “Oh, that’s droll” instead of, you know, laughing.  I’m not lobbying for fart jokes or shots to the groin, I just want Bret and Jemaine to smile every now and again.  They’re so handsome when they smile!

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