Watch Connie Britton And James Corden Nimbly Try To Explain What Type Of Greeting A ‘Brentwood Hello’ Is

Are you enjoying American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson? Of course you are. It’s fantastic television, David Schwimmer is apparently getting paid by the “Juice” and John Travolta’s makeup looks like something that wouldn’t be out of place on Big Bad Beetleborgs. We’re living in a spoiled age with this FX offering, and it’s already kinda heartbreaking knowing the series will one day come to an end. That said, there’s one pocket of the globe that might not be so nutty about the show. Hi, Brentwood! How you doing?

Like everything entangled in the O.J. trial and its related media circus, the affluent L.A. neighborhood has been a part of the show, and a certain infamous “greeting” known as the “Brentwood Hello” has also popped up. Connie Britton’s magnificent channeling of Faye Resnick on the show included a mention of this, um, salutation which either was something you’d forgotten about or were too young to have known as a thing. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Britton was asked a bit about the practice with fellow guest Mark Cuban being completely unaware of its meaning. Corden shared that he’s familiar with the “Brentwood Hello” only through reputation.

“This was a shock to me, because I live in Brentwood, and no one said hello to me like this,” Corden said. “No one said hello to me, period.”

We’ll let Britton and Corden explain the “Brentwood Hello” as politely as they can on a TV-14 CBS show, and you’ll get to see The Cubes have a big reaction to the reveal. One can only wonder what a “Brentwood Goodbye” would equal. (Well, not that “Brentwood Goodbye.”)  Presumably a tarp and maybe some Balance bars would be involved.