Don’t Worry, Larry David Hasn’t Changed At All In The ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 11 Teaser

HBO just dropped the new teaser for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11, and it’s pure Larry. While it doesn’t give away any plot lines for the long-awaited season, the teaser is just simple, silly, and dumb, and we love it. Set to the tune of 2001’s iconic opening theme, the teaser notes that “the world has changed,” as it zooms in on the sun rising above the Earth. Except it’s not the Earth, it’s Larry David‘s giant head because, clearly, one thing has stayed the same.

Here’s the official announcement from HBO for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11, and like the teaser, it’s not giving away anything either:

The comedy series continues to prove how seemingly trivial details of one’s day-to-day life – a cold cup of coffee, a stained shirt, a missing toothbrush – can precipitate a catastrophic chain of events. To keep the narrative spontaneous, the series is shot without a script and cast members are given scene outlines and improvise lines as they go.

Considering the teaser hints at the ongoing pandemic, you’d assume Curb will tackle… all of that, and it will, according to star Jeff Garlin. However, as Garlin explained in the spring, only the first episode will touch the “COVID stuff,” and then after that, it’s a post-COVID world on the show. It’s a decision that Garlin couldn’t have been happier with after watching the South Park pandemic special.

“I didn’t laugh once,” Garlin told the 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast in April. “People don’t want to watch COVID stories. We’ve got our own COVID stories. Get them away from me.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 premieres October 24 on HBO.