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Six Facebook Friends to Avoid in the Event of the Apocalypse. I just hope there’s Wi-Fi if the apocalypse happens. [Uproxx]

‘At the Movies’ canceled. The show that was originally Siskel & Ebert is being put to rest. More importantly, check out the jowls on that author. It looks like he’s swallowing a tire. He makes Dom DeLuise look svelte. [Chicago Trib]

Twin Peaks, 20 years later. A look at the far-reaching influence of David Lynch’s dark and trippy TV phenomenon. I watched it with my family when I was 11, and look how well I turned out. [Guardian]

Perfect for the woman you met online. Tiberius: the ONLY Star Trek cologne inspired by Captain Kirk, now only $34.95. [Amazon]

No doubt. An examination of the various college courses offered on “The Wire.” More impressively, it’s a Slate article that doesn’t make you want to punch an overeducated white person. Too much, anyway. [Slate]

Miss you Coco. This “I’ll Be Missing You” video is heartfelt, pitiful, and yet sometimes kind of touching. [Funny or Die]

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