Seth Meyers Reminded The World That Herschel Walker Was Once Fired By Donald Trump On ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’

If Donald Trump’s unhinged presidency taught us one thing, it’s that a failed reality star should not hold public office. And while Trump has been happily taking credit for convincing Herschel Walker to run in the first place — despite Walker’s insistence that it was God who told him to run (Trump thinks his name and God’s are interchangeable) — Seth Meyers reminded us that way back in 2009, Herschel competed on The Celebrity Apprentice and got the axe with a classic “You’re fired!”

On Wednesday night, Walker’s defeat in the Georgia runoff election was still all anyone could talk about. But Meyers says the signs were there all along that Raphael Warnock would ultimately triumph. “One way you know that Herschel Walker was deeply unqualified to serve in the United States Senate was that even Republicans would rarely let him go on FOX NEWS by himself,” the Late Night host said, noting that the former Heisman winner was usually accompanied by Lindsay Graham — who also did most of the talking. (Except for that time where both Graham and Ted Cruz were with Walker and he exclaimed that “This erection is for the people!”)

The other key indicator that Walker wasn’t fit to lead a state, according to Meyers, is the fact that Trump himself — the man who took pride in claiming to be Walker’s puppetmaster — actually fired him during season 8 of The Celebrity Apprentice. As Meyers reminded us:

Walker was so deeply unqualified that much of the time it didn’t seem like he even knew what was going on. Even Walker’s fellow Republicans warned months ago that he could lose. The only reason he was even a candidate for Senate in the first place was that he was once on Donald Trump’s game show. Donald Trump fired him from The Celebrity Apprentice, but thought he might do better in the United States Senate. ‘Herschel, I don’t know if you’re ready to sell corn dogs in Times Square, so let’s put you in charge of the U.S. military first.’”

You can watch the full clip above.